About Haines in America

Haines is a city in the northern most US State of Alaska. The population of Haines is 2,592, and consumes around 35 square kilometres of land. The nearest major airport is Haines Airport, situated about 5 kilometres away from Haines. The city is situated near scenic and pristine Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.

Glacier Bay National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site and a biosphere reserve, where most of the land is designated as wilderness area, which in turn ensures that human interference is kept to a bare minimum. Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve is extremely popular with tourists where the eagles migrate during the month of September to take advantage of the yummy hatching salmons.

Tourists to the area can enjoy rafting and watching untamed wildlife close up in their natural habitat. The Kroschel Films Wildlife Center is a small organisation established to preserve native Alaskan animals that are used for film shoots. The Center has a wolf, weasels, moose, caribou, porcupines, and most interestingly, a wolverine.

Chilkoot Riverside Safari is great way to see Alaskan wildlife from a very close distance. You may spot a brown bear hunting salmons in the river. In the city, the Haines Borough Public Library provides people with a calm retreat into the literary world, whilst being able to take in scenic views of the mountains at the same time.

The Haines Skagway Fast Ferry is not just a means of transportation, but it is a complete tour experience in itself, so make sure you give it a looksee. At the American Bald Eagle Foundation Museum, you can find out all there is to know about these majestic Lord's of the sky, as well as several other native Alaskan animal's habitats.