About Hesperia in California

Hesperia is a city in California. It is located in the Mojave Desert 24 kilometres north of San Bernardino. The current population of the city is just a fraction over 92,000, and its geo footprint is just over 189 square kilometres. The nearest major airport is LA Ontario International Airport, being 66 kilometres away from Hesperia.

The Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area is a man -made lake which offers various options of recreational activities for visitors. You can indulge in activities like camping, fishing, canoeing, water skiing, biking and swimming. Keep a keen eye out however if camping, as you may bump into one of the local rattle snakes. You will also find that the Recreation Area also has a myriad of lovely picnic spots too.

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The Mojave River Forks Regional Park is the place for purist nature lovers to enjoy a solitary camping experience. The park is site is located in the Summit Valley of Hesperia. For those of you who love hiking, you can go on your own expedition to Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding areas, which is about 11 kilometres away from the Park. Another idyllic location is Big Bear Lake which offers hiking and boating during summer, and snowboarding and skiing during winter.

About 10 kilometres away from the city, the Church of the Woods can be found. The church building portrays rural yet stylish decor. The Hesperia Zoo is a private zoo housing tigers, a lion, monkeys, baboons, and even some kangaroos.

If you want to do something a little different, go for a wander at the Radio Control Model Aircraft Park just south of the Hesperia Lake, where you can watch the locals flying and sometimes crashing, radio controlled aircraft and prototypes.