About Henderson in America

Henderson, or the City of Henderson as the I dotter's and T crosser's like to refer to it, is a city in Clark County, Nevada. It is the second largest city in the State of Nevada, after Las Vegas, with a population of almost 271,000 and a land area of nearly 245 square kilometres. On top of all of this, it lies in the Mojave Desert.

Henderson's economy is very advanced, and has a very low rate of crime, making it rank amongst the top ten safest cities in all of the USA. The nearest major airport is Boulder City Municipal Airport, is about 18 kilometres away from Henderson.

The city offers a variety of recreational activities for visitors and locals, as well as its lavish shopping malls, casinos, restaurants and movie theatres. American barbecues, Greek delicacies, Latino or Chinese dishes, just about every kind of food is served by the restaurants in the city.

If you fancy getting out for a bit of a drive, the Famous La Vegas Strip is just a half an hour drive from Henderson. For the last 26 years, the Las Vegas Shakespeare Company have delivered a variety of Bard's plays at different park areas and outdoor amphitheatres during the month of October.

The Henderson Multigenerational Center and Aquatic Complex at Liberty Pointe is the primary aquatic complex in South Nevada. It is aimed to bring visitors of different ages together to take pleasure from recreational and entertaining aquatic activities. Fitness and social activities is what this Centre is all about, and it delivers on this philosophy so well.

The Galaxy Movie Theater is one of the most state of the art movie theatres with all the modern amenities, and is extremely popular with the locals. The Clarke County Heritage Museum chronologically displays the history of southern Nevada from pre-historic to modern time. It is also alleged that ghosts protect the 18th and 19th century buildings and their chattels.

The Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve is a delight for ornithologists and novices. The park authority develops innovative self-sustainment ideas, for example all the ponds in the Preserve are actually waste water treatment plants. In the months of May and June you can expect to see humming birds, waterfowls, gambles and quails.

The Lion Habitat Ranch offers an up close and personal meeting with the King of Jungle, all from the safety of an artificial enclosure. Along with the tour you can also have a flutter with Lady Luck and try picking up a few extra bucks at the M Resort Casino, Jokers Wild Casino or the Sunset Station Casino.

If you fancy taking in a bit of jazz, try Lake Las Vegas for an open air concert every Saturday night. Some other well worth the effort attractions include Sunset Station, Green Valley Ranch, the Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Garden and the Las Vegas Wash.