Cheap Car Hire Nevada USA

When your hiring a car from Nevada you can enjoy fantastic rates and availability with some of the most popular fleet of car rentals we have to offer.

Ensure your covered correctly

For around $4 more a day, you can get a midsize car with more passenger room and trunk space.

Some people rarely pay attention to type of insurance talk from car rental agents upon arrival and some people check the “decline coverage” box on the contract.

You need to be cautious that yes you may be covered with your own personal insurance policy, mastercard or visa but you need to ensure you double check the contract small print incase you do have an accident as you may be charged extra fees if you did not buy the company's collision coverage. You may even be liable for something called "diminution of value" which is 10 percent of all damages over a certain value which could run into thousands. Even more surprising you could still owe money even if someone else had hit the car during the litigation process no matter whose fault it was. In all cases your personal policy or credit card company would more than likely not pay.

Weigh the risks! Are you fully covered?

As we are a car rental comparison site who strive to get you the best rental deals we cannot stress enough that the most important thing to do before renting a car is to check with the car insurance company to see what your policy covers.

Car Rental Add Ons

Other common rental car add-ons which could be included are personal accident insurance, which, generally covers any ambulance rides for each person in the car, along with medical expenses. “This type of insurance can usually cost between $1 to $5 a day.

Personal effects coverage, which averages $1 to $4 a day, pays for things that nay be stolen from your rental car.

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