About Troutville in Virginia

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Troutville is a town located in the Botetourt County in the State of Virginia. The population is around 450, and the total area of the town is 2.3 square kilometres. In days gone by, Troutville was a booming town with commerce such as shipping, farming, factories and packing houses. The Roanoke Regional Airport is situated about 14 kilometres from the city of Troutville.

Up until 1881 the town still had no name. Shortly after this time, the town was named after the 3 Trout brothers, John, Jim and George each of whom resided in the area. Troutville was previously known as Troutsville, but later changed to Troutville. The city was formally established in 1956.

The Thomas D Kinzie House is a historic site which was built between 1909 and 1911. The architecture of the house depicts the classic Queen Anne style. The building also has a Spring House. A Spring House was used to be built to refrigerate perishable food items before the invention of modern refrigerators. Within the D Kinzie House there is a bank barn which is commonly built into the side of hill, so that the lower and upper floors can be accessed from the ground level itself.

From Troutville people can visit the historical Botetourt County Courthouse which is not very far from the city. Visitors can also visit the Harrison Museum of African American Culture near Troutville which occupies the first floor of the former Harrison School building. The Museum showcases the major achievements of people of an African American origin. The Muddy Squirrel Adventure Education is a unique way to deliver education outside of school. You can also visit the Troutville Town Park for a leisurely walk.