Campervan Hire Europe

Campervan Hire Europe

We provide cheap campervan rentals covering all of Europe for that ulitmate road trip. Europe can be considered the birthplace of Western civilization. It's the place where countless important figures, influential events and breathtaking masterpieces were born.

It's one of the places that you have to visit multiple times during your life to truly experience, and even then you may not be able to see everything that Europe has to offer.

If you're really enthusiastic about seeing every sight in Europe, then you'll need to get ready to rent a camper van to take yourself to some of the more remote and scenic places that Europe has to offer. Doing so will allow you to not only see more of Europe, but also to take advantage of many of the camper-only spots designed specifically for tourists.

To help you find the best sights to see and activities to experience in Europe, we've compiled a short list of the must-see attractions that Europe has to offer.

The Culture of Rome

Rome was one of the largest of the ancient civilizations. Even after its collapse, it remained home to the Vatican and later the Renaissance, both of which were influential to the development of modern culture.

When you visit Rome, make sure you visit the center of tourism in Rome, Trevi Fountain. You can then see the Church of San Luigi dei Fracesci and Santa Maria della Vittoria chapel to partake in awe-inspiring artwork before seeing the Pantheon of Rome and St. Peter's Basilica.

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The Masterpieces of Paris

France is yet another of the major influences in modern culture. Besides the United States, it's one of the places where the idea of democracy really came to fruition after the French Revolution.

Following in line with that logic, Paris is the center for all things cultural. Countless paintings from different eras reside at The Louvre, and many more pieces of artwork decorate the awe-inspiring Notre-Dame Cathedral. When you're done visiting those places, Le Marais, one of Paris's oldest and most cultured districts, will make for the perfect stop for lunch before you continue your tour. You can then experience the Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmarre or have dinner at the Eiffel Tower.

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The Heritage of Berlin

Berlin is yet another city where countless awe-inspiring monuments and attractions reside. Artwork, restaurants, memorials and some of the beautiful parks that inspired the greatest literary minds of the 20th century reside here.

If your interest lies mainly in artwork and other historical viewings, then Museumsinel will be the first place you'll want to visit. Museumsinel, or Museum Island, is the name given to five museums located next to one another. If you want something more natural, then Victoriapark and Tiergarten are two lush, green parks that will make for the perfect outing. You can then visit Brandenburg Gate, one of the most photographed sights in Berlin, or the East Side Gallery for a unique experience that only Berlin can provide.

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Lofotens Norway

Lofotens is a beautiful archipelago. The land is lush and green, and the crystal clear waters of Norway are almost always within reach anywhere you go. Traveling by camper will allow you to see the homely fishing villages all the way until you reach the end of the island. While the E10 route is will take you from one end of the island to the other, traveling by camper on Lofotens only takes an hour non-stop.

If you plan to stop at most places to take in the beautiful scenery, then you can plan to spend several days on Lofotens alone.

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Vilnius Lithuania

Lithuania was a part of the Soviet Union until 1990. It seceded to restore its former independence as a self-ruling country. It wasn't until that very secession that Lithuania began to transform into one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Vilnius represents one of the most beautiful of this country's cities.

Most of the buildings in Vilnius are fairly new. They stand out due to their bright colors, which is incredibly appealing to the eye in contrast with the lush, green trees that reside by most of them.

Places you'll want to visit in Vilnius include the Hill of Crosses, Gediminas Tower and the many cafes that dot Vilnius's landscape.

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Meteora Greece

Meteora is one of the most beautiful places in Greece. It works with the natural landscape to produce a town that seems to be suspended above everything else on rock pillars, which in turn makes it a sight that nowhere else in the world can replicate.

Meteora was first settled by the Hermit Monks in the 9th Century, and it's home to the six remaining monasteries that this order of monks created and used for everything from a place to rest to religious contemplation.

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Cross the water to Erg Chebbi Morocco

One major advantage that using a campervan brings is the ability to go far off the road. Morocco and her endless scenic dunes represent one of the best places to utilize that ability. Erg Chebbi is likely one of the most scenic places that Morocco has to offer. You can meet the locals, experience "sand" boarding, and have ample opportunities to take photographs with the fine, golden Moroccan sand.

This is one place that everyone traveling with a campervan in Europe has to see.

Other Places to Visit

If the above attractions don't quite suit your tastes, then there's still plenty of other places in Europe that you may want to visit. The ancient and famous Acropolis in Athens, Greece is one such place It provides one of the best photo opportunities while you learn about the history of Greece.

Sagrada Familia is another attraction that might interest you. It's considered the masterpiece of architect Antoni Gaudi for a reason that you can only truly understand when you visit it.

No list of the best places to visit in Europe would be complete without mentioning Stonehenge in the United Kingdom. This natural wonder is as unique as it is mysterious. One visit to this site will make you wonder how the ancients whom erected this wonder did so. So if your looking for cheap campervan rentals in and around Europe you have certainly come to the right place to get the best deals for your vacation