About Keflavik Airport in Iceland

The Keflavik International Airport or KEF according to its IATA code, is the largest airport in all of Iceland, and the main hub for all air travel. The airport is also referred to as the Reykjavik Keflavik Airport. It is located only 3 kilometres west of the city.

The airport has three runways, however only two of them are generally used. Just about all international flights either in or out of Iceland, come via this airport. WOW Air and Icelandair use the airport as their major hub.

The airport which was built in the 1940's by the United States, was once a NATO military base, and served as an essential pre fuelling point for jets embarking on the trans'Atlantic journey. The airport was handed back to the Iceland government in 2006, when the United States withdrew all of their military personnel from the base.