Campervan Rentals from Vilanculos

Vilanculos or Vilankulo as it should actually be known is absolutely picturesque coastal town nestled right on the western side of the Mozambique Channel with its crystal clear waters. It is located approximately 519 kilometres to the north east of Maputo, and about 245 kilometres to the south west of Beira. If you are looking at exploring the Archipelago Bazaruto islands, then Vilankulo is the perfect location to use as your introduction to Mozambique.

Vilankulo was actually named after Gamala Vilankulo Mukoke who was the local chief of the area. Interestingly enough, some of the suburbs in close proximity were actually named after his sons. Prior to when Vilankulo was granted independence, the Portugese decided to call it Vilanculos, maily because they don't use the letter K much. Once indepence hit, it was once agained rolled back to Vilankulo. Confused? I certainly am.

These days the area itself is referred to as Vilanculos, and the town itself is Vilankulo. The local's seem to love the place so much, that they have Vilankulo as their surname. How is that for cool?

Being a seaside port, the majority of activities are naturally geared towards the ocean. It is a lovely place to just kick back and relax, work on your tan, or do some snorkelling or scuba diving around some of the beautiful coral reefs.

There are also a heap of other activities that you can elect to participate in including kitesurfing, horse safari's, chartered dives, cruises and sailing adventures, island walks, sea kayaking and deep sea fishing.

As Vilankulo has invested a considerable amount of money into tourism in the last ten or so years, you will find that there is also a terrific variety of bars, pubs and restaurants, with a huge array of cuisines available including the local fare.