Lisbon Airport Motorhomes from Portugal

Lisbon Portela Airport as per its official name, is only 5.4 kilometres from the heart of the city of Lisbon. For those of you brushing up on your Portuguese is goes by three different names, Aeroporto da Portela de Sacavem, Aeroporto da Portela or finally, Aeroporto de Lisboa.

The airport actually takes its name from the parish in which it is located being Portela, which is situated in the municipality of Loures. The airport handles around 16 million passengers annually, and has an IATA code of LIS.

Considered to be the main gateway airports into Portugal, it is also one of the major European airport hubs. It has some of the best facilities of any airport in Western Europe, as it has some of the best maintenance workshops, and most advanced air traffic control and navigation system in the world. It has also been awarded the best airport in Europe for five years in a row.

The airport is easily accessed via both bus and train from the city of Lisbon.