About Livingstone in Zambia

The town of Livingstone was originally a British colonial city, but today is home to nearly 137,000 people. It is located 10 kilometres to the north of the Zambesi River, and is a popular destination for tourists wishing to visit Victoria Falls. The town also has both road and rail routes into Zimbabwe.

In case you hadn't guessed, Dr. Livingstone I presume? Yep, that's exactly where the town got its name from, the renowned British explorer and missionary David Livingstone and was established in 1905.

One thing that you will notice about the buildings in the town is that they are very Edwardian in their design. Whilst Livingstone may not be the attraction capital of the world, there are still some fun things to do such as river cruises, kayaking, canoeing, walks and hikes, elephant rides, white water rafting or visit the local museum.