Australia Campervan Rental Guide

Australia Campervan Rental

A classic road trip by way of a campervan is the best way to see Australia, from the east coast, the west coast, the deserted beaches, and kangaroos. Today, Australia is a must visit destination for most travellers all over the world. Hiring a campervan is a ticket to freedom. You can explore whenever you feel like it, travel to any destination of your choosing and travel at your own speed.

It is the perfect way to travel an extensive country that has everything to offer including different terrains, varying climates or the golden coasts of the Land Down Under. With a campervan, there is an endless list of places you can visit on an epic Aussie road trip.

Today, campervans offer the freedom of the road and at the same time the comforts of home. Ranging in size, design and facilities, campervans are a small price to pay for a nomad road trip. Imagine a road trip where your cup of tea/coffee or a cold drink from the fridge is just a few feet away, with no restrictions to your bathroom habits.

Choosing the right campervan to hire

It's almost impossible to mention a road trip to Australia and fail to mention campervan rentals. With a wide range of campervans to choose from, the trick is to think about what you want from your holiday and choose the right vehicle for you.

Classic campervans

Classic VW campers have been popular for more than a century. They are certainly the classic option for two people looking to travel in no rush and over shorter distances. Pop-top options are available to accommodate up to four people. Today, classic campervans are well maintained and stunningly restored to give you a classic campervan experience with none of the "old camper" problems. They are equipped with a bathroom, complete kitchen facilities and air conditioning.


Motorhomes are a very popular hire option in Australia. They win prizes for the most generous living space, comfort, and practicality. These top end luxury vehicles are packed with everything you and your family need for your RV adventures. They can sleep up to six people and come equipped with residential features from home such as generously sized kitchens, bathrooms, LCD televisions, DVD players and ultra-comfortable sleeping areas. They are fully air conditioned and heated to handle both the cold and hot climates of different parts of Australia. They are best for families and long distance driving.

Modern motorhome conversions

These are vehicles that started out as panel vans and later restored into fully-equipped campervans. They are slightly smaller compared to motorhome vehicles and generally drive like a large car with a "high up" driving position. They offer a good compromise between style and practicality. They are more fuel efficient than classic campervans and will sleep up to two with two younger children. They are configured to maximize on storage and get the most of any available space. They are best for trips that include exploring towns and villages all over Australia.

Facilities to expect

Whichever vehicles you choose, it's important to understand the essentials to expect in the vehicle. The basic essentials include;

  • Cooking facilities – a fridge, burner gas hob, cutlery, utensils, crockery, sink, tap and a water tank. Some kitchens can also include a grill or oven.
  • Bedding - foldable beds are the standard option although a motorhome may have fixed bunk beds and even double beds
  • Washing facilities – fixed toilets and showers are common in larger motorhomes, while portable toilets are incorporated with a hired camper van.
  • Extras – besides the basics, some vehicles can include plug sockets, DVD players, bike racks, roof racks and drive away awnings. Some of these extras are chargeable depending on the rental company.

Essentials to bring on your road trip

The lure of the open road and vast Aussie landscapes offers endless possibilities for a road trip. Other than the facilities that come with a campervan, it's smart to have a few essentials for a safer and a more enjoyable experience;

  • Maps, Maps, Maps!
  • A roadworthy playlist
  • Comfy clothing
  • Cameras
  • Travel apps
  • A torch and spare batteries
  • Auto preparedness tips
  • First aid kit
  • Satellite phones
  • Electricity power inverter

Hints and tips for your road trip

  • Choose the right campervan based on the number of people you are traveling with, the distance you plan to cover and the amount of time you will need the campervan for.
  • Choose a reputable campervan rental company and make sure they give you a briefing on every aspect of the campervan.
  • Have all the right documentation with you such as your driving license, health and travel insurance and visa and passport information.
  • Stock up on food and always carry enough water especially if you are visiting remote areas away from cities and more populated areas.
  • Carry out basic campervan maintenance such as tyre pressure and coolant level checks.
  • Maintain a healthy balance between driving and camping especially for families with kids.
  • Enjoy your road trip!

Campervan Rental Providers

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