Hiring a Campervan from Tauranga

With a population of around 123,500, Tauranga is the most populated city in the Bay of Plenty region in New Zealand's North Island & we have made campervan rentals in Tauranga easy for you. The area was originally settled by the Maori's in the late 13th century. It was not until the early 1800's that the area was inhabited by the Europeans. It wasn't until 1963 that Tauranga was officially a city.

The city is now the sixth largest of the urban areas in all of New Zealand. It is located in the picturesque north western corner of the Bay of Plenty, and on the south eastern rim of Tauranga Harbour. The city occupies approximately 168 square kilometres of land.

The main commerce sectors are international trade, business, culture, horticultural science and fashion. The harbour in Tauranga is the biggest in New Zealand with regards to operation efficiencies and gross export tonnage.

The city has gone through remarkable and rapid growth since 2001, and has sustained a 12 percent increase in population right through till today. It is now New Zealand's fifth largest city. It also has sister cities with Maryborough in Australia, Yantai in China and Hitachi in Japan.

Some of the key attractions in the area is Mount Maunganui, Waiotapu, Motiti Island, Baypark Stadium, the Classic Flyers Museum, Maunganui Beach, the Adrenalin Forest, Kaiate Falls, blokark Recreation Park, Waikareao Estuary, Mayor Island, Tauranga Art Gallery and Game On Activities.

If you feel like some light dinner entertainment, you can't go past the Pirates of the Pacific Dinner Show. The main event during Easter is the National Jazz Festival which has a stack of live acts, top notch food and fabulous wines.