Bright Grey Insurance Policies

Bright Grey specializes in protection insurance and it is a new launch from Royal London that began back in 2003. Royal London is the largest pension and mutual life provider in the UK, and both Bright Grey and Scottish Provident are the insurance arm of this major company.

Bright Grey offers five different insurance covers, these include payment cover for sickness, income cover for sickness, life or critical illness cover, critical illness cover, and life cover. It is possible for users to mix-and-match to come up with the type of coverage that makes sense for them.

About the size and customers

When working with a partner of Royal London, you are insured by the largest pensions and mutual life company in the United Kingdom. This means that Royal London has more than 5.3 million customers and it currently has more than 73.6 billion under management. In addition to that, Royal London employs more than 2,900 people and it has more than 150 years of experience when it comes to handling insurances.

Interesting insurance facts

Especially in the insurance industry, claims statistics are extremely important. By publishing their figures yearly, clients with Bright Grey realize that they will be paid if they ever have to make a claim. A few of the statistics that are of note are that Bright Grey paid out 88 percent of its claims for the top five reasons for a claim. In addition, a vast majority of the claims (94 percent) actually paid out, and the average age of the claimant was 47.

It might also be interesting to know that Royal London is very heavily involved in sponsoring cricket. It sponsors a number of different events, including the Royal London National Club Championship, the Royal London One-Day Cup, and the Royal London One-Day Internationals.

Considering you have the established name of Royal London behind you when you have insurance from Bright Grey, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are utilizing this as their primary insurance option. If you want to make sure that you are able to rest at night, knowing that you are covered, Bright Grey is an excellent option.

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